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Summer Vibes of 2021

Summer trends can be fun and exciting but don’t get caught waiting to hear about them after they’ve already passed. At Indigo The Salon, we’re always up to date on the latest beauty trends. Our beauty stylists are informed and ready to help find the perfect style for you. From bold lip color to edgy mullets, the summer vibes of 2021 will make a statement. Scroll through our Instagram to find more trends for this summer!

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Bold is Back

Your makeup can be a statement in itself. As requirements for masks lift, an 'in-your-face' statement look will be the trend for summer 2021. Your friends haven't seen you for a while, so giving them stunning bold style is the perfect way to reunite.

Bold Lips

This year will be the summer of statement lips. Whether it's a glossy stain or matte lipstick, if it’s bright and noticeable, you’re set. A rise in lip tints and stains make it a great way to show off your color.

Bold Brows

While your lips are glossed, your eyebrows are soaped. A new trend is on the rise for eyebrows: bold soap brows. This is a technique that makes use of soap to shape your eyebrows instead of using gel. It’s successful and easy to do. Many influencers have already made tutorials on how to achieve this look.

Bold 'Be-You' Skin

Pair your bold lip color with a muted and healthy skin. Less makeup and more highlighting of your natural skin and features. There has been a surge of quarantine skincare routines and now is the time to show your skin to the world. Don't want to show that blemish? Cover it with a clear hydrocolloid acne patch, or make an even bigger statement with a cute acne patch sticker in the shape of a star, flower, or heart!

The Mullet is Back

Be ready to face the day with these new and fresh hair trends. It’s time to make statements. 2021 will bring loud and extreme hair from the 60s and 70s. The modern mullet is only growing in popularity this year. Mullets or a long center-parted shag look are the way to go to give yourself layers that will stand out. They’re edgy and with the expanse of layers, will highlight the color of your hair in all the best ways. To go along with your edgy look, think about trying out bangs, in all different colors and forms. The most trendy bang styles this year will be curtain bangs, short and long fringe bangs, or the once-popular 60s mod bangs. They are the perfect bold statement to highlight your summer style.

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