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Determine Your Skin Type for A New Year's Routine

As the holidays come to a close, we celebrate the new year by using it as a fresh start! It’s time to initiate healthy habits and keep our minds open to new and exciting endeavors. One of the best ways to start fresh is to have a new skincare routine. Begin your New Year's Resolution with the best tips for healthy skin.

The first step in getting a good routine going is figuring out the best way to treat your skin. Everyone has unique qualities to their skin and knowing the best way to take care of your body is the first step to keeping up good practice.

What Kind of Skin Do You Have?

The main groups of skin types are Oily, Dry, Neutral, Sensitive, or a Combination of these. Finding out which category you fall under is the first step to healthy skin. The best way to determine this is after you have cleansed or washed your face. Wait about 30 minutes then use a soft tissue or blotting sheet to easily help you figure this out.

Oily Skin - After waiting about 30 minutes, you will notice a shine on and around the majority of your face. Blotting it with the sheet will show you just how oily it is.

Dry Skin - If you blot your skin with the sheet and find little to no oil, then you’ve got dry skin. Rough and flakey skin is another indication of this.

Neutral Skin - Skin like this is more balanced, feeling neither oily nor dry when you use blotting sheets.

Sensitive Skin - It’s generally quite easy to determine if you have sensitive skin because it will become irritated and red more easily. Skin like this can also fall into the oily or dry category, while still being sensitive to certain chemicals and textures.

Combination Skin - Using a blotting sheet, when you find that there is little to no oil on some of the skin and find a lot of oil in and around your T-Zone, then this is a combination.

What is your T-Zone?

The T-Zone is defined as the areas around your forehead, nose, and chin. It’s what most people struggle with and can become oily the quickest.

Being able to determine your skin type is the first step to a healthy skincare routine. Without knowing how your skin reacts to different chemicals and creams, it can be easy to make the effects worse. It’s important to treat your skin properly and use the right type of products to keep your skin beautiful and glowing. Start of the New Year with a fresh new look and healthy skin!

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