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Spa Treatments for a Perfect Day

When it comes to treating yourself, there’s nothing better than a day at the spa. Whether it’s a day spent with your significant other, a gift package, or a day for yourself, the benefits the spa can give you will fill any day with relaxation. At Indigo The Salon we have several spa packages made to fit your needs perfectly, from facials to full treatments. This Valentine’s Day, take time to unwind.

Spa Packages for you and your partner can be a perfect way to say how much you care. There is no better way to show your affection than spending quality time with your partner or gifting your partner with relaxing treatment. If you simply want to enjoy a day to yourself, this can be one of the most healing and enjoyable self-care activities you can do.

There are many different options of spa treatments ranging from small facials to full deep tissue massages. Finding which one works best for you is the first step.

Types of Facials

One of the most common facials we provide is a Dermaplane Facial. This exfoliates the skin and clears away dirt and peach fuzz hair. This kind of exfoliation and hair removal can leave your skin with a clear, natural glow. The skin becomes much brighter and smoother from the treatment, as well as softens fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermaplane is different from a Regular Facial, in that, a simple facial is meant to cleanse the pores and moisturize the skin. This is great for sensitive skin or when you don’t want to leave with irritated or red skin.

Another great treatment we provide is Microneedling. This involves tiny, sterilized needles that prick the skin to cause small wounds. These wounds cause your body to make collagen and elastin, healing your skin to help you look younger. It’s much more technical but can be very beneficial for anyone wanting a cosmetic facial experience.

Types of Massages

A very common massage, something beneficial for any first-times, would be our Swedish Massage. This is meant to energize the body and can improve health over time. This is the type of massage one thinks of when they hear the word. It involves soft movements like tapping, rolling, kneading and makes use of tools like massage oil or lotion.

For those wanting something with a little more oomph, there is the Deep Tissue Massage. This is great for stressed individuals who need a lot of muscle tension relaxation. It’s a much deeper level of muscle massage and releases patterns of tension throughout the body. This slower tension release can help with things like injuries, as well as release the tightness from your muscles.

When choosing the best spa packages, consider the benefits of each one and what you want for your body. Facials and massages can be full of relaxing and healthy benefits for anyone, whether you want to enjoy the day to yourself or spend it with the person you love most.

Visit Us

Any questions about the kinds of treatments we offer can be answered by our staff at Indigo The Salon in Jefferson City. It’s a perfect place to find trusted products and, with a dedicated team of stylists, a great place to learn about maintaining a healthy routine for your body and hair.

To schedule an appointment, consultation, or ask us a question, call (573) 636-3445, or email

We are open Tuesday through Thursday 11:00 - 8:00, Friday 9:00 - 5:00, and Saturday 9:00 - 3:00 (varies). Closed on Sunday & Monday

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