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Naturally Beautiful Wedding Day Inspiration

Bridal Season is in full swing, and we’ve got some trends you won't want to miss out on. There’s so much to think about for your wedding day, but at Indigo The Salon, we want to make your special day that much easier. Take a look at these beautiful styles and feel free to come to us for any questions or requests for that naturally beautiful “I Do” look.

Soft Chic Hairstyles

What is the most important part of a bride’s day? The dress, of course, but what showcases the radiance of your dress and the beauty of you? The Hairstyle. Making sure you have the perfect hair is essential in creating the glowing look every bride wants. 2021 has brought many natural looks and embracing your natural hair texture is the hottest trend this year.

Casual Chic - a simple lived-in look, like hair tied up in a bun or a flowing ponytail, are lovely ways to accent your natural hair flow

Hollywood Waves or Soft Curls - a classic that will never go out of style, soft waves have always been in fashion

Soft Hairstyles - rather than a tightly pulled back or meticulously braided style, a soft look is much more romantic and less ‘structured’, keeping you looking natural

Natural Glam

Hair may be the most important part of your look but the makeup is what brings everything together. This year, similar to the hairstyle trends, brides are going for a much more natural look, to enhance the beauty they already have rather than covering it up. You not only have to do the simple steps for eyes and lips but enhancing the natural glow of your skin is what makes makeup the perfect way to bring the whole ensemble together.

Pink Blush Tones - a soft muted pink color is the best way to go when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your makeup

Hollywood Glam Down - the glam is still there to show your radiance, but it’s not as bold as it used to be, pulling from your natural beauty

Bold Lips - while the tone of skin and eyes are much more muted, a bold lip color will never go out of style and can be essential in pulling your look together

Natural Skin - this is the year of minimal makeup and minimal glam, softer makeup that enhances your skin instead of covering it

Coloring Done Right

Coloring your hair, whether it be highlights or a bold color, can really add a bold fresh look to your perfect day. However, it’s best to keep to the basic tips and tricks, to make your hair look and feel amazing. Picking the color that best suits you, as well as the color scheme of your wedding plans can tie everything together.

Color Two Weeks Before - making sure to color your hair before the wedding is important, two weeks is enough time to still be fresh, but your color has had time to settle into the hair fibers

No New Treatments - don’t try new treatments for your hair, you risk damaging it with something unfamiliar or feeling less than your best on your special day

Try It Beforehand - trying out a new color or style months before the wedding is a great way to get to know what you like and what works best with your hair texture

Since the breakout of covid-19 in 2020, natural beauty has been growing in popularity and is the biggest trend of this year. While looking for the perfect dress, remember to think about the perfect hairstyle and makeup look as well. Bridal questions are always welcome, and encouraged, here at Indigo The Salon. Please ask one of our many qualified beauty and hairstylists for help in finding the perfect look for your special day.

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