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Manicures to Fall in Love With

Now that Fall is finally upon us, the summer vibes of 2021 shift into warm earthy tones and cold rainy nights. Autumn is the second favorite, if not the favorite season for Americans. The days aren’t as hot, and the nights haven’t yet shifted into bitter cold winter weather. The best thing about Fall is the fashion change. Along with that, comes accessorizing and emphasizing with nail art.

Nail art can be as wild or as neutral as the wearer wants to express themselves. While some like to form and paint their nails themselves, others choose to go to the professionals, like here at Indigo the Salon. Not only do we give beautiful haircuts and hair treatments, but we also specialize in makeup and nails.

Season Colors

The colors of Autumn have always been warm tones like Greens and Nudes. You can never go wrong with these classic colors. Soft forest greens are a staple of Fall vibes, playing into the idea of nature and the changing season. Nude colors to match your skin tone are something that can never be outdone. Earthy warm skin tones can be classy and fun.

These warmer colors aren’t the only ones popular this season. Deep shades of purple and blue are trending, and for great reasons. These dark blues, while still a very cool color, can make your nails pop with the right amount of vibrancy and shade. Fall is about change and easing into the season, and what’s more relaxing than a deep, midnight sky, blue. Under the same tone, dark purple nails are gaining popularity. Purple colors can be associated with creepy dark and mysterious vibes when painted in the right fashion.

Style and Shape

When it comes to the shape of your nail, some can grow theirs out naturally longer than others. And, while getting gel manicures or fake nails are always an option, the shorter nail crew doesn’t have to worry about over-shaping their nails this season. With the season changing, Fall is about soft colors and shapes. Whether it’s a simple Round Nail, an Almond Shape, or the Long Oval, each of these are classics that are hard to beat.

Patterns for nails are also a trend on the rise. Some of them are much simpler and classy, like the classic Color Block style. You can play with color and shape without being too loud or over dramatic. However, if drama is what you’re after, along with the popular retro styles coming back into fashion is the 70s Graphics. Styling your nails with these loud patterns can really make a statement. Abstract Designs are also a new staple of nail art. Letting you express yourself through your style of nail.

Fall is about change and relaxing neutral colors. Expressing yourself through nail art is a fantastic way to wear personality, both simple or dramatic, and show your personal style. The art of nails can be as fun and vibrant as you want and reaching out to a professional is the first step to showing off your love for fall.

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Indigo The Salon in Jefferson City is a perfect place to find trusted products and, with a dedicated team of stylists, a great place to learn about maintaining a healthy routine for your hair.

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