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Ice Ice Baby

During these hot summer days, try something that will cool you off! Refrigerating beauty products is a great way to keep them from getting thrown away before their time.

Expanding the longevity of your products by refrigeration can be an efficient and refreshing way to store your products but each product has its own individual formulation, so it’s not one size fits all. Make sure to read the label before chilling. Thankfully, most of your products will benefit from refrigeration.

Benefits Of Refrigeration

There are many ways your Epicuren aging creams and misting serums can utilize the preservation power the cold provides. Under-eye creams can reduce puffiness more effectively than at room temperature, as well as have a soothing effect on your skin. Using a product that has been cooled can be refreshing and will calm itchiness over-firing nerves. The longevity of your compounds will also extend, giving you more time with the products you love.

What’s more, you don’t have to store your skincare items next to the food you eat but in stylish and cute refrigerators made just for this purpose.

What To Preserve

Eye creams

Misting serums

Some face masks (not clay)

Gels and Creams

Perishable items with live probiotics and natural ingredients

Vitamin C and water-based products

As well, you can store your rose quartz beauty tools or rollers to give you that cooling feeling on your skin as you apply your products. Another trick is to stash nail polish in the fridge for a while to help get rid of clumps or if your lipstick is melting, chill it until it re-solidifies and take it out when you're ready to apply. However, storing it in the fridge for too long can cause the oil and wax to separate over time, so make sure not to forget it.

What Not To Refrigerate

Some products do not benefit from being cooled. Clay masks tend to solidify when chilled and will become nearly impossible to use. When it comes to oil based products, the cold will both hinder oil absorption and can potentially change the chemical makeup. Like clay, oil will solidify and turn cloudy when stored in refrigeration.

Overall, storing your products in refrigeration can have many benefits and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Creams like our Epicuren aging cream and other products can utilize the benefits for the better. You can find more products like this on our website and you can ask one of our stylists on the phone or visit us in person.

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Indigo The Salon in Jefferson City is a perfect place to find trusted products and, with a dedicated team of stylists, a great place to learn about maintaining a healthy routine for your hair.

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