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Date Night Hairstyles For Spring 2021

Along with the spring comes fun date nights! Whether you’re going out with your partner, friends, or simply having a fun night at home, these easy hairstyles will have you feeling fresh and trendy.

What You’ll Need:

You will always need the right products and tools. If you’re looking for a curly up-do, both mousse and hairpins are a must, while a sleek and silky hairstyle might require a straightener. But it’s best to always use hairspray to keep your style looking perfectly fresh all night long. To add a little personal style to your hair, remember to add an accessory to embellish your fun hairstyle.

Styles To Try:

When you’re in a rush or just don’t want to put in too much effort, the Side Twist is a simple and quick way to take your hair from drab to fab.

For those wanting a Sleek & Straight style, using a straightener can make the look perfect. You can also add a little gel or mousse to keep the small fly-away hairs at bay.

Having a Romantic Up-do can vary in style but is always a classic look for anyone. You can add braids for a little flair or keep it simple and wavy.

Any type of Braids can make a look go from simply nice to elegantly lovely. The twisting and weaving will highlight the textures of your hair.

Giving your hair simple Waves & Curls will keep your hair looking chic all night, without having to worry about making sure it stays in place. It’s perfect for a romantic night and is easy to accomplish without too much styling.

With a High Style Ponytail you can be fun and flirty without worrying about the mess of hair over your shoulders. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the feel of hair or bangs in their face.

Try A New Haircut for 2021

A fresh haircut is always a great option for a date night. Stick with your classic look, or try something a little different with one of these 2021 trending haircuts.

Mullet: Yes, you heard us right. The "business in the front, party in the back" look has made its way to the mainstream once again. From Zendaya to Rihanna, these celebrities are using the mullet to turn heads.

Short, Swoopy Bob: Whether they hit at the jaw or mid-neck, short bobs do require a decent bit of maintenance, but we're still seeing cropped cuts like this trending right now.

'70s Bangs: These curtain-style bangs are back. In the past, Farrah Fawcett is best known for this 70s vibe, and today Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez have brought back the trend.

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Need help with trying these or finding the right style? You will always have support from any of our skilled hairstylists at Indigo the Salon. We will be able to give you the look you need for your night out.

Indigo The Salon in Jefferson City is a perfect place to find trusted products and, with a dedicated team of stylists, a great place to learn about maintaining a healthy routine for your hair.

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